Private Pilots Licence

At Horizon we can take you from novice to qualified pilot and provide you with all flight training required to pass the final flight test and obtain your licence.

Private Pilots Licence


Light Aircraft Pilots Licence

The LAPL is ideal for people who want to fly for recreational purposes or who are unable to satisfy the more stringent medical requirements for a Private or Commercial Pilot Licence.

Light Aircraft Pilots Licence

Flight Experience

Become a pilot for the day

Want to experience the thrill of flight? Do you have the ambition to gain your pilots licence but don’t want to commit to one of our PPL/LAPL Starter Packages?

Use this time to enjoy the views, learn a new skill or to get over your phobia of flying.

Your trial flight time will count toward your licence.

Trial Flight Packages

Solo Hire

Self fly hire

Already have a pilot’s licence? Get signed off on the C150 or Grob 115 and you’ll be able to book the aircraft for your own use.

Out fleet are maintained to the highest standards, as being a aircraft maintenance facility it’s very rare that our aircraft will be grounded due to technical issues for long periods.

Flight Courses and Prices