Flying Experience

Our flight experiences, or trial flight, can be what you want it to be.

If you’re a budding airline pilot or tempted by the RAF, then gaining some flight experience is a great way to reassure yourself you’re chasing the right career path. If you’re 14+ years old you can log the hours toward your pilots licence.

If want to see the world from a different angle, then there is no better way than from 5,000ft in the air. See the green fields stretching for miles over mountains

Flying Experience - St Athan

What will we do?

Air tour of Cardiff, PPL taster or getting over the fear of flight.

On arrival we will show you around the hangar, we have a number of interesting aircraft that has been described by some as a ‘flying museum’. With ex-Soviet fighter jets, ex-RAF fighter jets and training aircraft.

You will receive a pre-flight briefing, where we’ll get an understanding of what you want to do, what you can expect and run through flight safety. When on the apron with the aircraft your instructor will take you for a walk around your aircraft and answer any questions you have.

After going through the engine checks you’ll soon be accelerating down the runway before taking to the skies. You can expect to reach altitudes of approximately 5,000ft (weather dependant) and get to see some great views.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes – we encourage you to bring a camera.

You can record video footage or take still pictures to savour your day and show all your friends. There are some restrictions in taking pictures whilst on the MOD base – you’ll be aware of the restrictions after being briefed. Then you are free to take as many pictures as you want when airborne.

What aircraft will we fly?

Cessna 150 or Grob 115.

Both aircraft offer great visibility and have great characteristics for learning to fly. For weight/height restrictions see the Fleet page.

Flying Experience

Where will we go?

Over your house, somewhere scenic or just float above the clouds.

With the Brecon Beacons only 20mins away by air, the mountains can be visited in 45mins. A trip to the Gower can be seen in a 30min flight or just see the local area of the Vale of Glamorgan in a 15min flight.

How long would a 1hr flight take?


30 Minutes


60 Minutes


15 Minutes

Arrive at Horizon 30min before your trial flight – Expect to leave the hangar 15min after landing.

Sounds like a simple question, but as Horizons are unique in that we only charge for airborne time, you need to allow for 10 minutes beforehand for engine checks and taxing to the runway, and another 5 minutes for after landing.

A pre-flight inspection will be carried out – your instructor will walk and talk you through this process.

Additionally you’ll receive a pre-flight briefing and shown around the Horizon hangar where we have a variation of ex-fighter jets, commercial aircraft and vintage aircraft.